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Armattan Oomph 1407 3850 KV Motor

Introducing the latest addition to the Armattan Oomph line of motors.
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Do you love the style and features of the OOmph, but are looking for something that that swings 3 or 4 inch props on a light frame?  If so, Armattan's OOmph 1407 motors are the choice for you.  Designed and produced with the finest quality materials, these brushless beasts provide topnotch fun for your favorite micro build.

These motors give you what you want and expect from the OOmph series, but for a smaller motor; an M2/13xx mounting pattern, a screw that secures a hollow shaft, and genuine NMB bearings.  Like the first motor in this lineup, Armattan's unique twist comes in the form of the OOmph prop-fastening adapter on top.  Why this design? Well, by now you know the drill.  After rigorous testing (read: lots of crashes) it was observed that standard exterior-threaded shafts can be heavy, can bind on props, and require large hardware to remove (who wants to carry around a socket wrench?).  This is why the OOmph motors were conceived with a better solution.


1407 3850KV
Stator Diameter: 14mm
Stator Height: 7mm
KV (rpm/Volt): 3850
Weight: Around 15.7 grams with full wires
Recommended Props: 3 or 4 inch
LiPo Compatibility: 3-4S
Prop Mount Height: 5mm
Prop Mount Diameter: 5mm
Magnets: N52H arc magnets
Winding: Single Wire
Genuine NMB

Motors with wires:
4x M2 bolts\motor
2x M3 bolts\motor (for prop mount)
2x prop-washers\motor