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Cobra CPL2207 2400KV Green Series Motor

The Cobra Champion green series motors lightweight high powered motors that come in a variety of different KVs.
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The Cobra Champion green series motors lightweight high powered motors that come in a variety of different KVs.


- Brand: Cobra 
- Item name: CPL2207 2400KV Green Series Brushless Motor
- Stator diameter: 22.0 mm
- Stator thickness: 7.0 mm
- Number of stator slots: 12
- Number of magnet poles: 14
- Motor weight: 29.5 grams
- Outside diameter: 27.9 mm
- Motor shaft diameter: 3.00 mm
- Prop shaft diameter: 5.00 mm



- 1 x Cobra CPL2207 Brushless Motor 
- 1 x Flange style Self-locking prop nut with nylon insert
- 4 x M3 flat washers
- 4 x M3*6 Hexagon socket head screw

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