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Dquad Obsession V2 5" FPV Racing Frame - Green

The Obsession is a Strong X quad what is suitable for indoor/outdoor, race/freestyle, advanced/middle/beginner.
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** These frames are now manufactured by Armattan for DQuad, they are the latest V2 design**

** This one is for the green annodised aluminium version, we have multiple colours available. see other items **


The Obsession is a Strong X quad what is suitable for indoor/outdoor, race/freestyle, advanced/middle/beginner.

This frame is easy to build and to service when needed. The frame has 4 swappable 4mm carbon arms that are coming together in the middle without any friction. Why not have a unibody that is 2 gram lighter? That’s because we like to give the pilots a opportunity to get up in the air asap and that’s only possible when you have those nice swappable arms. These 4 arms are held together with a 1.5mm carbon bottom plate and a 1.5mm identical Top plate.

Its also possible to build it with the included 1.6mm thick PDB what makes it really nice. The PDB is not one with lots features on it. We like to keep this clean and simple therefore it has only the + and – on it for the esc’s, power connector, and extra’s. On top of the PDB or top plate is enough room to double stack you hardware, like FC, 4in1 esc, VTX, OSD, RX, and so on.

Then we have our 7075 Aircraft Aluminium as a roll cage that has 2 1.5mm carbon side plates that holds the FPV cam in place. A recommended FPV cam for this is a HS1190/Foxeer Arrow V2. On the backside of the roll cage you will find a 2mm carbon VTX antenna mount. This VTX antenna mount is installed in a 45deg angle.

If you are doing stunts, races or just having the greatest time of your live in the air and like to capture that in HD than a HD action cam is needed. Action cams are having a hard time to survive on a quad. We have made a 3D Gopro session design in 30 and 40deg what can be fitted directly on top of the roll cage without the need of a strap. Just use 4 screws and you are ready to go. With this nice tide fitted and perfect protected Gopro session cam on your quad you will be able to show all your family and friends your best moments.


- 210mm size 5” frame
- Frame weight 94 / 95 gram
- 4x 4mm carbon arms
- 2x 1.5mm Carbon bottom/top plate
- 1x 1.6mm PDB
- 2x 1.5mm FPV side plate
- 2x 7075 Aircraft Aluminium roll cage Bracket
- 1x 2mm VTX antenna mount
- 1x 3D designed XT60 connector holder (without XT60 connector)
- 1x Fastener kit incl: bolts, nuts and spacers
- 1x Battery strap
- 2x sticker
- 1x Manual QR code card.

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