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DYS XT50433 5x43x3 Tri-Blade Propellers (1x CW + 1x CCW) - Crystal Green

Hi-Performance Prop FPV 3 blades propeller 5043 CW/CCW.
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Hi-Performance Prop FPV 3 blades propeller 5043 CW/CCW.

** These props are supplied in pairs, two pairs needed for a full quad **

The crystal props are semi-transparent. The photos don't capture it very well!


- Brand name: DYS
- Item name: XT50433 3-blade propeller
- Size: 5 X 4.3
- Material: PC
- Color: Green
- Weight: 9.91g (CW/CCW pair)
- Hub inner diameter(ID): M5
- Hub thickness: 7mm

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