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KISS Cable Set For ESC

Universal wiring set for Kiss ESCs (and others).
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Universal wiring set for KISS ESCs (and others).
Designed for wiring 4 ESCs.

Silicone cables AWG16 red and black, red 30cm, 30cm blackapprox
Silicone cables AWG18 red and black, red 30cm, 30cm blackapprox
Servo cablesiliconeAWG28, 15cm4 pieces

Shrink tubingeach about 15cm length:
-20mm (shrink ratio 21 max.)

The shrinktube is the normal thick version to offer certain mechanical protection for open installation.
The AWG16 cable is designed for bigger ESCcurrents over 20A.
The AWG18 cable can of course also be taken for the KISS ESC 12A / 18A, Lipo connection sideespecially when this connection is short.

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