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KISS ESC 24A 2-5S Race Edition

24A KISS ESC (Race Edition) powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU.
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** Current stock is version 1.08 **


- 32-bit ARM Cortex MCU @48Mhz
- Telemetry capability (voltage, current, temp, rpm)
- Over-current protection (measures the current and reduces it to max 30A)
- Over temperature protection (reduces the max power if hotter then 120°C)
- Expanded adaptive auto timing (3,25-30° advance will be calculated on each commutation)
- For Race Multicopters (24A continuous also with bad cooling *)
- High max. RPM (450.000ERpm, 64.000Rpm with a 14Pol Motor)
- Small size (19 x 27 mm)
- Accurate RPM control (~ 950 steps)
- No additional capacitor needed**
- Very fast throttle response
- Linear throttle response
- Active freewheeling (low diode losses)
- Regenerative braking
- Fast FET switching because of the use of gate drivers
- 2-5S LiPo**
- Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and normal (25 ? 500Hz) PWM auto detected.
- Operating voltage 6 - 25V
- Maximum continuous current 24A
- Instantaneous maximum current 30A active limited
- 500,000 ERPM maximum field speed (use of 450,000 recommended)


ESC only (no cables/heatshrink) - See related items for cable kits


(**) For very long LiPo power lines (more than 20cm) or for smoothing the power supply, attache a 100 - 400µF Low ESR 25V (or more) electrolytic capacitor to the power pads. Caution! When used with 5S lipo, the use of a electrolytic capacitor is recommended. (*) e.g. When mounted between two CF plates  

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