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Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB

The Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB. A 36mm simple power distribution board for small quadcopters with the option to add a Pololu module for additional outputs.
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The Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB is a 36mm simple power distribution board designed for small quadcopters. The board uses the standard 32mm mounting hole pattern (common to most flight controllers) to easily fit up to most airframes.

In addition to power distribution the board has an integrated location to solder a Pololu voltage regulator, allowing you to regulate the voltage going to other electronics.



- 36mm square PDB with 32mm mounting holes (1.75mm thick)
- 2oz copper traces to support high amperage (2-4s)



- 1x 4Power Mini Power Distribution Board


NOTE: Pololu voltage regulator module not included

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