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Lumenier QAV250 "Fury" Power Distribution Board

The "Fury" power distribution board ("PDB") for the QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter. This PDB is packed full of features and allows for the direction integration of the TBS Core OSD.
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Looking for a QAV250 Power Distribution Board (PDB) to get an integrated FPV setup and simple R/C wiring? This board, nicknamed "FURY", provides upgraded power distribution with current sensing, filtered power to the A/V equipment and option to install a TBS CORE module, while also adding rigidity to the airframe.

The ESCs are soldered to the the board (all wires), making the board layout very tidy and modular. It is designed with the OpenPilot flight controller in mind, requiring only two cables to install the flight system and another two cables (included) to finish the FPV system.

In front of the board is a spot to install an optional TBS CORE module. This provides separation between the FPV system and R/C flight system - which is known to produce noise and cause video interference. It also provides a simple and very handy OSD (On-Screen Display) to read battery consumption, voltage and receiver signal strength. The board can also be set up to work stand-alone (without CORE).

The camera and video transmitter plugs easily into the sockets with the provided cables, there are also solder pads to connect wires directly. Several auxiliary power ports make it easy to hook-up alarms, beepers, video transmitters, etc.

It is made of the same high strength fiberglass-reinforced epoxy laminate as the stock PDB. All the components are protected inside the "cavity" on the QAV250 platform. Two additional mounting holes in the front gives extra rigidity.



- Built to reduce clutter and make setup easy
- Direct replacement of original QAV250 PDB
- Speed controllers connect directly to the board - power and control!
- Only two wire harnesses needed when using OpenPilot and two for FPV equipment
- Power configuration jumpers to setup on-board power routing
- Additional capacitors to stabilize ESC sync.
- Optional TBS CORE module for separate voltage regulation and OSD read-outs
- On-board 50A current sensor
- BEC power filtered and load-balanced - connect multiple BECs in parallel
- Filtered video transmitter and camera power, in addition to CORE filtering
- LED indicators shows status of BEC and battery power
- Multiple auxiliary pads for for VTx, camera, beepers, alarms, etc.
- Provides good RF shielding for noise isolation



Revision: Rev. 2 May 2014
Platform: Lumenier QAV250 quadcopter
Speed controllers: 10-18A, approx. L29 mm x W18 mm x H7 mm
Power outputs: filtered BEC power, filtered battery power, filtered TBS CORE power
Current sensor: 50A
OSD features: current consumption, battery voltage, up-counting timer, RSSI (received signal strength indicator) - TBS CORE required!
Shielding: ground pour shielding, TBS CORE RF shield
Connectors: JST-SH 1.25mm sockets, 2.54mm solder pads, 2mm solder pads
Status indicators: green BEC OK, blue battery OK
Material: Fiberglass laminate board, 1.6mm, white finish
Dimension: 149 x 49 x 15 mm
Weight: 21 grams



- 1x QAV250 "FURY" PDB Board
- 1x OpenPilot Power Cable
- 1x Sony Board Camera Cable
- 1x ImmersionRC VTX Cable
- 2x Pin Headers 2.54mm for VTX/CAM
- 1x Pin Header 2mm for TBS CORE


NOTE: This product requires the TBS Core and/or TBS Core RF Shield to unleash its full potential. See related items for the TBS Core.

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