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Matek FCHUB-A5 with 184A Current Sensor PDB

The FCHUB-A5 features a 184A current sensor and 5V & 10V filtered DC voltage output.
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The FCHUB A5 features a 184A current sensor and 5V 2A filtered DC voltage output.

This PDB is designed to work with the new Matek F405-Mini Flight controller.


- Input: 6-27V (2~6s Lipo)
- Input TVS Protection
- PDB: 4x35A (Max 4x46A)
- BEC 5V 2A (2.5A Max)
- Current Sensor 184A
- Current Scale (1/10th mV/A): 179
- 44x36x4mm 8g
- Mounting holes: 30.5mm square spacing (Naze32, CC3D, etc.) & 20mm.


- Matek FCHUB A5 PDB
- Nylon mounting fixtures

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