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Mode-2 Stiletto 3" Micro FPV Frame

The Stiletto sports a hearty 3mm unibody bottom plate, with a tapered and louvered top plate.
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The Stiletto is the culmination of months of research, development, testing, crashing, testing some more and doing it all over again…and again, until it was right.

The Stiletto sports a hearty 3mm unibody bottom plate, with a tapered and louvered top plate. The chevrons throughout the plate feature a host of benefits; allowing for airflow, the ventilation will keep your components cool under high temperatures and loads. It also allows for removing as much frame material as possible, keeping the weight to a minimum, all while maintaining structural integrity and rigidity. The unibody bottom plate allows for ventilation under the stack as well, keeping components cool from both the top and the bottom. The tapered top plate allows for a reduced drag coefficient, and the rear SMA cutout allows for optimal antenna placement keeping it clear from prop strike. Together in unison, this combines for an amazing 3″ platform that is functional for both freestyle, and racing.

Mode 2 Stiletto Line Of Sight By "The RCAddict":



- Weight: 42g
- Dimensions: 142mmx115mmx30mm
- Prop: 3"
- 20mm×20mm (flight controller); 13xx/14xx (motors)
- 3K Matte Carbon Fibre 
- Red Standoffs


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