Ready To Build

What is Ready To Build?

Building an RC multirotor is a rewarding yet daunting task. Before you can even begin to start assembling your model, you need to decide which components it will be made of. There are thousands of different combinations of frames, motors, ESCs, etc. All of these will produce a model which performs slightly differently to the last and some that won't even fly at all!

So how do you decide which parts to buy? You could spend hours trawling through forum posts on the Internet reading about other people's builds. This can take a lot of time and although you will undoubtedly gather some useful information, you will often be left with more questions than answers. In addition to this, people's experience differ and rarely will you find real qualitative data. 

To this end, we have put together and tested a few different builds which we think are a great starting point for building your own multirotor. We have filtered through many different combinations of components and found a few decent builds which meet these requirements:

- Straightforward construction

- Simple and enjoyable to fly

- Good value for money

By choosing one of our Ready To Build kits, you can be confident that (if assembled correctly) the final product will fly pretty well! There may well be an aspect which you would like to change, that's fine. Having built your multirotor, you now have the skills to tinker away to your heart's content.

If you have never built an RC multirotor model before or if you have simply had trouble sourcing your own components, then we would highly recommend purchasing one of our Ready To Build kits.

It's worth briefly mentioning that we don't include any batteries, or radio systems as standard with our kits. People often reuse these parts between builds and as such they are a treated as an interchangeable item. If you don't have batteries or a radio then don't worry, we still recommend solid options for all our builds and will show you the best places to buy them (whether it be it from our own shop or somewhere else).