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TBS Caipirinha 3S Electronics Package

A custom-tailored electronics set for the TBS CAIPIRINHA
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A big thanks to the Scorpion Motor crew for crafting a motor that makes the Caipirinha scream. Vertical takeoff, high speed cruising at 90km/h and more, extended flight time with our 4000mAh 3S battery.

A brand new Electronics set for the TBS CAIPIRINHA containing servos for the flaps and the 8x5 Graupner props, Scorpion motors and 30A ESC to handle the new 3S Caipirinha battery.

No need to downgrade the props as the combination of new motor and ESC maximizes efficiency.



- Scorpion SII-1640KV Motor (TBS Custom)
- Scorpion Motor accessories and small parts
- TBS Bulletprooof 30A ESC(1pc)
- Graupner 8x5 E-Prop
- 2x TBS CAIPIRINHA 9g Servos

* This Electronic pack is designed to be use with the TBS 3S 4000mAh battery. (See related items)

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