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TBS Caipirinha FPV Flying Wing EPP Kit

Finally, the new wing from TBS. Bittersweet, precise and easy to build, just like the cocktail it has been named after. Using airfoils from Ritewing and manufactured by Windrider in cooperation with TBS.
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Finally, the new wing from TBS. Bittersweet, precise and easy to build, just like the cocktail it has been named after. Using airfoils from Ritewing and manufactured by Windrider in cooperation with TBS.

Designed to change the fixed wing FPV experience - again. Its small size and light weight makes it very forgiving for beginners. Its versatility will please professionals, with 10km (and return) flying range, a whopping 35mins flight time and a speed range in the low 20's to high 60 km/h. The lower speed compared to its big brother ZII is barely noticeable as you fly closer to the ground, between trees or buildings and into cracks or crevases. This is a take-anywhere, fly-anytime type of plane which doesn't cause a stir in local parks and is absolutely safe to fly.



Built from indestructible molded EPP, it is the smallest wing to date capable of carrying a full-feature HD camera such as the GoPro while keeping the all-up-weight in the 600g (21oz) range! With the slick, low drag design it flies smooth and efficient. The supplied accessories are of exceptional quality and give you the freedom to use the plane with any FPV equipment, power train and battery system, while reducing the build time to a minimum when using it with TBS- or TBS-compatible equipment.



- Small, lightweight, fly anywhere design
- Virtually indestructible EPP material
- Pre-cut camera, battery, R/C receiver and video transmitter slots
- Pre-cut, sanded and covered ultra-lightweight elevons & pushrods
- Bunny-ear & symmetrical winglets included
- Laser-cut plywood GoPro protection & motor mount
- 2x spar holes, ribbon slots provides plenty of strength for those that need it
- Negative foam pieces allows you to build the wing according to your rules, not ours


- 34in / 85cm wingspan!
- 22oz / 620g AUW (including GoPro2 and battery)
- 35min flying time*
- 10km range*

* Dependent on setup

Recommended equipment

- FPV camera: HS1180
- 5.8GHz TBS Boss VTX
- Propulsion: 2000kV motor, 12A ESC, 3300mAh 2S
- EzUHF 4ch Lite or 8ch Diversity
- 9g servos


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