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TBS LiPo 2S to 4S 50W AC Charger

Super-simple charger. Plug in a 2-4S battery via balance port and that's it, the charger does the rest.
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From 2S to 4S batteries this charger makes charging easy and hassle free no buttons to press or fiddling with balancing settings. You plug in the balance lead of your battery and the charger handles the rest, you can check on how the charging is going from the light indicators on the top. 

PLEASE NOTE: This charger comes with an EU mains cable, you will need a suitable UK C7 (Figure 8 style - pretty common) to plug in


- AC Input voltage: 100V-240V
- Charge power: 50W
- Charge current: 4.0A
- Balance current: 300mA
- LiPo battery cell count: 2-4 Series
- Indication: 4x LED Capacity Indication
- Charge mode: balance charge
- Dimension: 98*98*36mm
- Weight: 278g


- TBS CHARGER 50W/4A charger unit

- Power cable (EU Type) (UK C7 Mains Cable NOT included)

IMPORTANT: Never charge batteries unattended! Constant supervision is required as batteries can be dangerous when mishandled. We recommend charging your batteries inside a protective charging bag.

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