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Aerum Polar P 5.8GHz Dual Polarised Antenna (U.FL)

The Aerum Polar P is a dual polarized transmitter antenna. It works best with the Aerum Polar X receiver antenna. It is both lefthand and righthand polarized!
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The Aerum Polar P dual polarized transmitter antenna sends out LHCP and RHCP signals at the same time! Perfect for challenging race conditions where linear receiver antennas are present. Paired with the Aerum Polar P this antenna delivers a robust video signal without causing drag. 

About Aerum Polar
Aurum Polar are patented MIMO antennas. Aerodynamic and lightweight. Aerum Polar is a new style of PCB Antenna engineered in Germany for the car industry. Together with TBS the antennas were appropriated for the FPV marke


- Integrated filter
- Near-perfect cross-polarized reception pattern
- Two antennas in one
- Dimensions: 35x35x1 mm
- Weight: 3.5g