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Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano Flight Controller

28x32mm Flight controller with 20x20 mm mounting holes.
Availability: Out of stock

** These are official Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano boards, not cheap clones that the majority of other shops sell. **

** Current stock 24/5/2018 is version V6 (New capacitors, solder pads, 8v BEC and LC filter, 5 uart ports, new style layout )**

The omnibus boards from Airbot are known to be among the best FPV racing flight controllers and they are now availble in nano size. The Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V4.1 is feature packed and has an integrated LC filter for clean video.


34mmx28mm Flight controller
Using F405 with MPU6000 GYRO
Supports direct 3-6s LIPO input (1A 5V BEC)


- STM32 F405 MCU, Using Betaflight Airbot F4 target
- SBUS/PPM input 
- Supports 5V 1A BEC
- Supports 8V 1A BEC

- Only 34x28mm, mount holes 20x20mm
- MPU6000 Gyro over SPI BUS
- 5x Uarts

- Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V6 (No Cables/Pins)
- Instruction Sheet