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BrainFPV Radix 2 Flight Controller

The BrainFPV Radix 2 is the latest generation flight controller from BrainFPV.
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The BrainFPV Radix 2 is the latest generation flight controller from BrainFPV. This flight controller is the successor of the infamous legendary Radix flight controller. The flight controller has been vastly improved upon and now includes a blazing fast H7 processor running at 480hz, an improved graphical OSD, built in votage regulator that handles up to 8S or 35v, 8 motor outputs, driverless flashing and much more.

The Radix 2 has been designed to be compatible with nearly any 4 in 1 motor controller (ESC). For octocopters you can use the included 5-pin cable to connect a second 4 in 1 motor controller for up to 8 motor outputs. All outputs are fully supported for bi-directional DSHOT that enables the motor controllers to send back real time telemetery that is used by the flight controller to perform adaptive RPM based noise filtering.


- New Processor: STM32 H7 Processor running at 480MHz with 1MB RAM
- New Gyro: New Bosch Sensortec BMI270 gyro / accelerometer
- New Baro: Latest generation Bosch Sensortec BMP388
- Dual camera input: Camera can be switched using a switch on the RC transmitter
- VTX pit switch: Turn on/off the video transmitter. Voltage for VTX can be 5 V or th battery voltage. Switch has an integrated high-speed resettable fuse to prevent damage due to accidental shorts
- 32 MByte built in flash memory: 30 MByte available for logging and settings storage
- Driverless flashing with the braind FPV USB mass storage bootloader.
- RGB Status LED
- 8 Motor outputs with correct amount of ESCS
- 6 serial ports (UARTS)
- I2C Port
- RGB LED Output
- Buzzer output
- Camera control
- Analog RSSI input
- 5V Regulator
- USB Type C Connector
- Size 37x37mm
- Weight 7g

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