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BrainFPV Radix PDB

The BrainFPV Radix PDB supports up to 8S and 160A, the radix pb (power board) can handle serious power.
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The BrainFPV Radix PDB supports up to 8S and 160A, the radix pb (power board) can handle serious power. The integrated LC filter and 5V (2A) regulator provide noise reduction and clean power to the radix fc and other peripherals. Get the cleanest sexiest build by soldering the motor and ESC telemetry signals directly to the radix pb, and connecting it to the radix fc using the included cable. Oh yeah, did we mention there are four integrated programmable LED’s?


- Battery Voltage: 3S to 8S (9V to 35V)
- Maximum Current: 100A constant, 160A burst.
- Voltage Regulator: Integrated 5V, 2A.
- Noise Filter: Integrated LC filter for clean video.
- Current Measurement: Up to 160A (20mV/A).
- Motor Outputs: Solder pads for motor signals (DSHOT) for clean and simple wiring.
- ESC Telemetry: Solder pads for ESC telemetry signals.

- LEDs: Four integrated programmable RGB LEDs. Output for additional LEDs.
- Stacking height: 5.5mm (space between RADIX FC and RADIX PB).
- PCB: 4 layer, 4oz (170um) copper per layer. HASL plating (lead-free). 
- Dimensions: 36mm x 38.5mm.
- Weight: 8g

- BrainFPV Radix PDB / PB