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DAL T5040C Cyclone Freestyle Propellers - Black

DALPROP CYCLONE T5040C tri-Blades CW& CCW Propeller for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter.
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DALPROP CYCLONE T5040C tri-Blades CW & CCW Propeller in Crystal Blue for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter. We have strict QC and introduce professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration.

The T5040C is the second prop in the new lightweight Cyclone series. The T5051C was a first ever 5" combination of super light and super aggressive and now there is another possible first. At 3.9g, the T5040C is the same weight as DAL T5040 V2, and it also draws the same amps! Throttle feel is much more even lightning near and accurate and speed is similar or slightly higher. Grip, response and 'whisp' qualities are about the same and durability is definitely improved. So here's the major upgrade. Control is drastically improved! Probably as a result of the more linear thrust delivery, the pitch/roll feel far more even and stable throughout the throw of the sticks regardless of your rate/expo set up. This prop maintains the crispness of the Cyclone line with control onset, and drastically improves on fine line balance and management

Since the first Cyclone, DAL props have been designed by a leading aerodynamics professor in China. Within the first few seconds of flying the original Cyclone 5045, you can feel particular freedom of control like a breath of fresh air. This special quality has been distinctly maintained throughout the Cyclone line and once again, the same you feel it with the T5040C. The T5040C is a fantastic addition to the line but if you're not impressed, there are a few more coming that will blow you away.

- Color: Black
- Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mm

- Usage: 210+ Frame
- DAL T5040C Tri-Blade Cyclone Propellers
- 4 Props total (2CW, 2CCW)