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Diatone Mamba F405 Mini DJI Stack MK3 F35 (20mm)

Diatone's Mamba F405 Mini MK3 Stack with F35 4in1 ESC. The Diatone F405 MK2 stack is 3-6S compatible.
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Diatone's Mamba F405 Mini MK3 stack includes a dedicated DJI port for connection to the air unit. The stack comes with an F405 Flight Controller and 35A 4in1 ESC in a 20x20mm format. The Diatone F405 MK3 stack is 3-6S compatible. The stack also ships with an M3 to M2 adaptor.

Diatone F405 Mini MK3 FC (DJI Version) Specifications:

 - Mamba F405 Mini FC MK3 DJI
 - Input: 3~6S LIPO (12.5V~25V)
 - DJI Port Support
 - Uarts: 6 ports
 - BEC: 5V 2A
 - MCU: STM32F405
 - Gyro: MPU6000
 - FLASH: 16M
 - BEC: 5V 2A/9V 1.5A
 - Mounting: M2
 - Weight: 3.9g

Diatone F35 ESC 4in1 ESC Specifications

- Item name: Mamba F35 ESC
- Input voltage: 3-6S (12.5V~25V)
- Rating 35A
- Curr :200A
- Size: 20x20x5mm
- Mounting: M32
- Weight: 7g


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