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DJI HD FPV Experience Combo

The DJI Digital HD FPV system experience combo includes 2x Air unit & cameras and a set of DJI HD FPV goggles.
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The DJI Digital HD FPV system was designed for the drone racing industry. The Experience Combo consists of 2x DJI FPV Air Unit Module and DJI FPV Cameras and a set of DJI FPV Goggles. All are packed with powerful features and serve a significant role in the development of our HD low latency FPV System. We have redefined drone racing, delivering lower latency rates, stunning HD resolution and most importantly an unforgettable FPV flying experience.

Key Features:
- 28ms/4KM low latency video transmission and max transmission range(FCC 4KM, CE 0.7KM), unobstructed, free of interference range. 28ms at 720p/120fps, under 40ms at 720fps/60fps
- Upto 8 drones can be flown simultaneously
- 1080p/60fps video recorded by the DJI FPV air unit
- 7ms low latency transmission between the DJI FPV RC and DJI FPV Air Unit
- 720p/120fps image quality for the DJI FPV Goggles

- DJI HD FPV Goggles

- 2x Air Unit (camera/transmitter etc)
- Accessories (cables etc)