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ELRS ES24TX Nano TX Module

The ExpressLRS Nano TX is an ultra long range radio module that fits in "Lite" radio bay.
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The ELRS Nano TX Module is based around ExpressLRS which is an open source, long range RC link for RC applications. It is based on the fantastic semtech SX1280 hardware combined with an ESP8285 and ESP32. The ES24TX Nano module is a complete solution which is already pre-loaded with the Express LRS firmware and is plug and play. The module fits a the "Lite" bay on radios such as the FrSky X-Lite, X9 Lite, Tango 2 etc etc. Be careful if planning to use it with the jumper T-Lite because the module bay doesn't support high power modules and it could damage your radio.

This Slim module comes with an aluminum alloy shell and is equipped with a cooling fan that automatically works when the module is working at 250mw. The module requires assembly.


- Item Name: ES24TX Nano TX Module
- Regulatory Domain: ISM2400
- MCU:ESP32(main), ESP8285(aux,as espbackpack)
- RF chip: SX1280IMLTRT
- Lite FrSky 8 pin socket
- Frequency Range: 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
- Maximum receive refresh rate: 500Hz
- Minimum receiver refresh rate: 25Hz
- RF Output Power: 10dBm~24dBm
- Power supply voltage: 5v~10v
- Weight: 48 gram(without antenna and case)
- Dimension: 60mm*30mm*20mm (with CNC Case)
- Antenna gain: 1.87dBi

Installation Notes from the manufacturer:
The painting defects of CNC aluminum alloy casing are normal.
Please make sure to fix the plastic burrs of the socket interface before installing the module PCB.
When installing the LED board, please put it in place and put the wire into the corresponding slot to avoid interference with the installation of the cooling fan.


1 x Express LRS ES24TX Slim Module
1 x 24TX80 Antenna
1 x CNC Alloy Mounting Box
1x Cooling Fan
1 x Antenna Adapter Cable