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Emax RSII 2306 1600KV Motor

Emax combined the best parts of the Race Spec and Lite Spec series and created a new monster, the Race Spec II (RSII)!
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The Emax RSII (Race Spec II) features the best features of the RS series and Lite Spec series. Strong Arc Magnets paired together with single wind copper wire allow for increased speed, control and power. The titanium shaft and open base make for an extra light weight and efficient motor. This 1600KV variant is ideal for 6S setups.


- EZO bearing
- Titanuim shaft
- Dual anodizing
- 16x16mm hole pattern
- Single copper winding
- 115mm 20 AWG silicone wire 


- Framework: 12N14P
- Length: 30.2mm
- Diameter: 27.7mm
- No. of cells: 3-4s 2300-2700kv range
- No. of cells: 3-6s 1500-1900kv range
- KV: 1600KV
- Propeller: 5" - 5.5"
- Light Weight: 26.6g (W/O Silicone Wire)
- Prop adapter: M5
- Bearing Shaft: 4mm
- Shaft Thread: CW

- 1x EMAX RSII 2306 1600Kv Motor
- 5x M3x7mm Screw
- 5x M3x6mm Screw
- 1x Aluminum M5 Nylock Nut
- 1x Spare washer and screw for shaft