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Flynoceros Skoll V2 5" Frame

The Flynocerus Skoll V2 is everything you need in a freestyle rig.
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The Flynocerus Skoll V2 is everything you need in a freestyle rig. Our exclusive soft-mounted rollcage system changes the game in quad protection.

Not only is camera isolated from vibrations, crashes are absorbed. Made from a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane with a shore hardness around 95A, it’s going to give just enough, without breaking or exposing your electronics.

This light-weight solution integrates directly into the base plates of the frame with no bolts or hard connections allowing for the arms to be switched quickly and effortlessly.

Simple and Clean

Perfectly sized to fit modern components and less hardware than any other frame on the market

With 2 bolts per arms meeting in the center with a True X design, there are not other freestyle frames out there as simple. Whether you’re running a 30×30 or 20×20 stack, the isolated arms cam we switch from a 5″ setup to an 8″ exploration rig in under 10 minutes.

Even stack access is simple. The rollcage can be moved out of the way with 2 bolts or completely removed with 4 keep the entire core in place. Whether you are working on the motors, stack or camera system, everything is easy to access.


- 20×20 And 30×30 Flight Stack Mounts
- 3 Battery Deck Heights (15mm, 19mm, 23mm Options)
- Isolated Flight Stack (Swap Your Arms Without Touching The Electronics)
- Easy Access Flight Stack (2 Screws To Access Components)
- Fullsize/Micro Cam Mounting Option
- Easy Cam-Angle Adjustment
- Soft-Mounted Rollcage (Anti-Jello)
- Integrated Session Mount (Multiple Angle Options)
- Quick Connect Session Mount (Integrated Ziptie Grooves For Added Security)
- True X (Balanced For Freestyle)
- Connex Compatible
- Replaceable Arms
- Multiple Arm Options
- Chamfered Edges (Everything Is Chamfered)
- Sköll Will Succeed In Its Quest At Ragnarök


- 1x Skoll V2 frame with 5" 5mm thick arms  (Red 3D printed options)
- 1x GoPro Session Mount