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Flysky Nirvana NV14 Transmitter

The FlySky Nirvana NV14 is an amazing transmitter developed in conjunction with Underground FPV.
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The FlySky Nirvana NV14 is an amazing transmitter developed in conjunction with Underground FPV. Moving away from traditional transmitter designs the FlySky Nirvana has a unique ergonomic design, open source firmware, ports for expandability, a color touch screen display, and most important of all, hall gimbals. 
The FlySky Nirvana also comes with two receivers, an X8B and a IA8X.

** The FlySky Nirvana is compatible with OPENTX although please note the firmware is still pre-release. This means that until early 2019 some features will not be fully supported. This version is not compatible with the Underground FPV Nirvana firmwares currently as they have chosen not to release the software to people purchasing directly from FlySky. However FlySky have released their own open source implementation and are doing periodic updates to it. When the official OPENTX version if released next year then it will be fully supported by them. **


- The NV14 is equipped with a 32-bit M4 core high-performance processor, 2MB flash 180MHz main frequency, supplemented by industrial-grade 166MHz SDRAM.
- USB HID output for use with simulator software
- Haptic feedback motor
- Up to 14 channels
- Includes 2 receivers as standard, one small single and one larger dual antenna receiver.
- Unique finger grip design further enhances hand feel
- Collapsible omnidirectional antenna
- 3.5inch 320*480 color capacitive touch screen
- Detachable RF module bay
- Unique switch placement for ease of use without sacrificing performance
- Unique battery compartment design to house the dual 18650 batteries
- The combination of metal and plastic looks and feels great.


- FS-NV14 Transmitter (Mode-2)
- X8B Receiver
- IA8X Receiver
- Dust cover
- Data cable
- Audio cable

** Requires 2x 18650 cells (+ charger) **