FPV Combat Full Size Kit

FPV Combat system is designed to add fighting functionality to any analog FPV System. This is the full size version.
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FPV COMBAT is a platform developed to be installed on any RC vehicle equipped with an analog FPV system that lets the user add fighting functionality to their models based on IR technology similar to laser tag.

A dedicated OSD (On Screen Display) makes the system unique in the world, it shows all the needed information such as ammo, lifes, battery voltages, sight and much more!

The system can interact with the control of the vehicle simulating damages and adding an extremely real and adrenaline experience like never felt before in traditional FPV activities!

The standard edition is the most complete version available, with  all the connections clearly labeled for an easy installation by simply using standard servo wires and extensions.

Thanks to the dedicated voltage regulator and the specific power management hardware you can get the maximum range from  the system and hit your targets at over 40 meters in sunny days and up to 80 in dark or night time!

The local voltage regulator accepts input voltages up to 42Vdc for an incredible voltage range of utilization and setup up to 9S Li-po (HV as well) directly connected to the board!

The system shows on the OSD both voltages of battery pack and RX bus or any other voltage desired by simply adding or removing solder jumpers.

Support both traditional strip led and addressable strip led (WS2812B) up to 255 pixels with included feature of color matching the team and visual effect when being hit!

It weighs 10g, the square shape, according to the standard FCs size 30.5×30.5mm, makes it easy to install also on stack setup.

** HOBBYRC are the exclusive UK distributor for this product **


- Weight: 10g
- Upto 9S LiPo Power (42V DC)
- Support for WS2812B LEDs
- 30.5mmx30.5mm mounting
- Multiple Game Modes (Fox Hunt, Battle, Capture the Flag


- FPV Combat Main Board (Full Size)
- 1x Sensor
- 1x InfraRed "gun"