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Furious FPV True-D Module 2.4GHz

A 2.4 GHz receiver module for Fat Shark Dominator goggles featuring multi layered, high quality video streaming from the strongest available signal.
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Step into a new realm of FPV video clarity with the all-new Furious FPV TRUE-D 2.4GHz module, offering even greater range and video performance. Ideal for use for long range FPV, providing you have moved your control signal over to another frequency band (868MHz Crossfire).

Utilizing a built-in OSD module, you can setup, configure and select channels directly on screen while wearing the goggles, making on-demand adjustments even easier than before. Further, this with built-in RSSI of the antennas in use while in flight, you can keep track of crucial video signal strength to maximize your every FPV flight.

With a 2.4GHz frequency band, you now have extreme levels of the range that are far beyond 5.8GHz offerings, with a more robust signal strength that features far less video noise due to greater levels of signal penetration. This equates to crisp & clean video feedback, allowing maximum range FPV for the best long range FPV experience, bar none.

With the very 1st 2.4GHz system that is directly applicable to FatShark goggles, you can also utilize the TRUE-D 2.4GHz system with the Furious FPV DOCK-KING for even greater levels of standalone video quality, making the TRUE-D 2.4GHz diversity system the ultimate FPV experience. No ground station required - the TRUE-D 2.4 encompasses it all.

Incorporating 16 available channels, a built-in energy saving mode, thermal sensory protection, true diversity with dual antenna options and a high definition OLED display, the 2.4GHz TRUE-D unit is the ultimate FPV experience you don't want to pass up with massive range awaiting your next FPV flight.


- True Diversity Systems for Maximum Video Clarity
- Built-In OSD
- No Audio
- Compact with FatShark/Dock-King Compatibility
- 2.4GHz - 16 Frequency Channels
- Compatible with Non-Audio VTx Systems
- Built-In Energy Savings Module
- Integrated USB Port for FW Updates
- Built-In Thermal Protection
- Easy to Read OLED Display
- Turn off Module B to save energy.


- SMA Style: SMA Jack Connector / Female
- Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
- Application: FatShark Dominator V1, V2 & V3 Goggles
- Number of Channels: (16) Channels

- 1x Furious FPV True-D 2.4GHz Fat Shark Goggles Module
- 2x Angled SMA connectors (90 Degree, 45 Degree)