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iFlight Beast F7 45A AIO

The Beast F7 45A AIO FC is 45A rated AIO flight controller and esc.
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The Beast F7 45A AIO FC is a new series of AIO boards that combines MCU speed with ESC in one compact board! The Beast allows you to create ultra light weight but high performance builds. The Beast also features an onboard Barometer so is suitable for using on long range quads with auto-hover type functionality.

Beast F7 AIO FC

- MCU: BGA-STM32F745
- Gyro: MPU6000
- Blackbox: 8Mb Onboard Flash
- BEC output: 5V 2.5A
- Barometer: BMP280
- Connector: Micro-USB
- OSD: AT7456E
- FC Firmware:IFLIGHT_F745_AIO
- Mounting pattern: 25.5*25.5mm φ3mm
- Dimensions: 32.5*32.5mm
- Weight: 8.5g

45A 2-6 ESC

- Uarts: 5
- Current Sensor: Yes
- Input: 2-6S LIPO
- Current scale: 200
- Constant: 45A / Burst: 50A
- BLHeli: BLHeli-S
- Telemetry: no
- ESC Firmware: BlheliS G-H-30
- Mounting pattern: 25.5*25.5mm/Φ3mm
- Dimensions: 32.5*32.5mm


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