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iFlight MegaBee 3" Cinewhoop Frame For DJI Air Unit

The IFlight MegaBee 3" Cinewhoop Frame was designed for the DJI Digital FPV System.
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The IFlight MegaBee HD Frame was designed for the DJI Digital FPV System. It is also suited for a 3-inch propeller power system and flight controllers. The MegaBee HD Frame design makes installation and maintenance easy.With the 3-inch propeller power system, users are ensured a super great flying experience. Soft TPU material helps to protect the camera and antenna in the event of a crash.

- Lightweight frame that can take some hits

- Prop guards to protect the sensitive environment or yourself
- Full-size mount + TPU case; DIY is out! 

- 1 x MegaBee HD Cinewhoop FPV Frame Kit V2.1

- 4 x MegaBee HD Ducts
- 4 x TPU landing mount
- 1 x Front low carbon protective mount
- 1 x TPU Antenna mount for DJI antennas