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iFlight ProTek 35 DJI HD Whoop

iFlight ProTek 35 cinewhoop quad with DJI HD video.
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The iFlight ProTek 35 is not necessarily just a Cinewhoop but offers far more. Equipped with our all new 2203.5 motors for more power and less heat. We were able to increase speed and thrust by 50% compared to it's 3inch predecessor which gives a lot more room for a lot more fun. Our GPS measured maximum speed was above 120km/h and a maximum thrust of 750g per motor (3kg in total) would even carry heavier cams than a Gopro but also do some loaded punch outs or light freestyle moves. 

** No Receiver/Battery included. FRSKY XM, XM+, R-XSR or Crossfire Nano all suitable. DJI remote control can also be used. **

Current version is "V2.1"


- 3.5 inch class, higher efficiency less noise
- Portable, easy to disassemble
- High performance, long flights
- Universal GoPro mount
- No props in view


- Xing 2203.5 3600KV
- Max Top Speed 120+km/h

- Total Thrust 3000g
- Indoor Flight Time 5-6 min (With GoPro)
- Outdoor Flight Time 8-10 min (Without)
- Size: 94.5x118mm

Recommended battery 4S 1300mAh


1x ProTek35 HD 4S Cinewhoop W/ DJI Air Unit