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iFlight XING 1408 2-4S 3600KV Motor

The iFlight XING 1408 Motor is ideal for 3 inch quad builds. This motor is 3600KV.
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The iFlight XING Camo Race series motor is designed and named by FPV pilot & specialist Patrick Xing. Combining IFlight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise, a top-of-the-line motor has been produced. iFlight XING provides the most incredible power and thrust in the lightest weight. The elliptical body, powerful stator with N52H magnets and very small air gap makes iFlight XING series motor incredible new style motors. 

Now available in 1408 size for smaller 3 inch / 4 inch builds.


Model: XING 1408 3600KV
Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Configuration: 9N12P
Stator Diameter: 14mm
Stator Length: 8mm
Dimension: 18.2x18.6mm
Weight: 17.3g


- iFlight XING 1408 3600KV Motor
- Hardware set