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ImpulseRC Apex 5" Mr Steele Frame

ImpulseRC Apex 5" Mr Steele Freestyle Frame
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The Mr Steele Apex Frame comes bundled with our new OSD, Regulator Board, LED Strips and wiring harness. The plastics are the Mr Steele exclusive Coyote Brown and black plastics.

The Apex shatters the glass ceiling in freestyle frame design.

Through a process of continous refinement and always striving to improve we have created a new breed of freestyle frame. The Apex does not compromise in stiffness or durability, so you never have to choose between confidence and performance.

Unique design elements new to the FPV world make your build and maintenance more simple than ever before. Toughness of the frame itself is increased while also offering much better protection for your investment in flight electronics.

This is what you have been waiting for.

 ** Frame Only, Motors, camera ESC etc NOT included **

The arms of an FPV frame are the key structural component which translate the thrust from the motors to the majority of the mass in the aircraft, which is secured to the body of the frame. The design of the arms and how they are attached to the body is one of the most vital aspects that influences the performance of an FPV frame.

There are multiple problems which can occur with existing arm designs which can lead to poor performance, difficulty tuning and added cost. The Apex addresses all of these problems with a simple and unique new design that eliminates all arm slop and drastically increases durability.

Symmetrical arms make it possible to pocket one side of the part without introducing the need for distinct left and right arms, making you require more spare parts. We use a pocket instead of a hole under the motor to increase durability and we embed a press nut to simplify attachment and avoid clearance issues under your stack.

Flight electronics are mounted to the upper main plate using countersink bolts. This completely decouples the arm attachment from the electronics mounting. Arms can be replaced using two bolts without any disturbance to your stack.

Our custom machined shoulder bolts act as a solid steel pin through the arm which eliminates slop and tolerance issues. The precision shaft passing through the arm removes all side-loading of the carbon laminations on to the chisel-like threads of a regular bolt. Factory added threadlocker and custom aluminium cone washers spread the load of the clamping force and ensure the bolts will not vibrate loose.

At the apex of a masonry arch a keystone locks all the stones in to position and allows the arch to bear weight and be self supporting. A keystone is a hallmark of strength and good design, the Apex FPV frame is no different and the carbon key sits at the heart of the frame to distribute forces applied to the arms.

Extra included parts over the base model Apex frame kit

(2x) Lipo Strap - Medium - ImpulseRC
(1x) Apex Plastics Kit - Coyote Brown
(1x) Apex Plastics Kit - BLACK
(1x) Foam Wedge for HD Camera
(1x) Foam Strip 150mm - Landing Feet
(1x) Apex Regulator Board Kit
(1x) Apex OSD Board Kit
(1x) Apex OSD Wire Harness Kit - KISS


- 1x ImpulseRC Apex 5" Mr Steele Frame Kit