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KISS 4in1 ESC 25A 2-5S

The KISS 25A 4in1 ESC is connected to the KISS FC and can then be installed in the stack under or over the FC.
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The KISS ESC25A 4in1 is connected to the KISS FC with a JST-SH cable (not included) and can then be installed in the stack under or over the FC. All you have to do is solder the 4 x 3 motor cables and the voltage supply from the Lipo.

With a maximum short-term current output of up to 160A (4 x 40A) the KISS 4in1 can provide lots of power to the connected motors.

As usual, the controller transmits all important telemetry data such as voltage, current, temperature or speed via the TLM line to the connected KISS flight controller.These can then be displayed via an OSD or in the remote control.


- 32-Bit-ARM Cortex M4 MCU @ 80 MHz
- Telemetry capability (voltage, current, temperature, rpm)
- Over current protection (measures the current and reduces it to max 40A)
- Over temperature protection (reduces the max power if hotter then 100°C)
- sinHybrid :: Sinwave/BackEMF Hybrid mutation for smoother running.)
- Dshot 2400 (Full resolution of 2000 steps takes only 6.5μs).
- Supports all common Dshot commands like turtle mode, 3D mode and rotation direction change.
- Expanded adaptive auto timing (7.5-30° advance on each commutation),
- For Race Multicopters (25A continuous also with weak cooling),High max. RPM (500.000ERpm, 71.400Rpm with a 14Pole Motor)
- Small size (37.5 x 42.5 mm) 3cm hole distance with 3,4mm size to stay full compatible
- Accurate RPM control (2000 steps using Dshot)
- No additional capacitor needed for 3-5S.
- Very fast throttle response, Linear throttle response, Active freewheeling (low diode losses)
- Regenerative braking
- Dshot 100-2400, Oneshot42, Oneshot125 and (25 - 500 Hz) PWM get autodetected.
- Supports FrSky Sbus, Graupner SumD, TBS CROSSFIRE and Multiplex SRXL, S-Port, Graupner HOTT, TBS CROSSFIRE and Sensorbus
- Operating voltage 6 - 24V (2-5s)
- Maximum continuous current 25A, instantaneous maximum current 40A, actively limited
- 600000 ERPM maximum rotation field speed (useage up to 500000 recommended)
- 6 Layer 70µm copper PCB where almost all of the layers can be used for the current as the logic parts sits on a seperate PCB
- All in and outputs are protected against over (~30V) and undervoltage(~-30V) but are still 3,3 and 5V compatible
- Modern smart gate driver. gate driver
- 1980µF 25V ceramic capacitors onboard


- KISS 25A 4in1 ESC only (no cables/heatshrink) - See related items for the cable (not included)

** WARRANTY WARNING: KISS have a restrictive warranty policy. They can take a while to respond to our requests for faulty items and won't always approve the replacement. Please only buy these products if you are happy with those terms. If KISS won't help or don't respond then we will try and offer you a discounted replacement as an alternative **