Matek GPS & Compass M10-5883

Matek GPS & Compass M10-5883
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The Matek M10-5883 GPS with compass supports concurrent reception of four GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou). The high number of visible satellites enables the receiver to select the best signals. This maximizes the position availability, in particular under challenging conditions such as in deep urban canyons. u-blox Super-S (Super-Signal) technology offers great RF sensitivity and can improve the dynamic position accuracy with small antennas or in non-line-of-sight scenarios. For maximum sensitivity in passive antenna designs, the MAX-M10S module integrates an LNA followed by an SAW filter in the RF path. M10-5883 uses multi-constellation GNSS powered by a genuine u-blox MAX-M10S.

- GNSS u-blox MAX-M10S (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou)
- Magnetic Compass QMC5883L
- Patch antenna 18*18*4mm
- Input voltage range: 4~9V (5V pad/pin)
- Power consumption: 13mA
- UART baudrate: 9600 default
- Operating Temperatures: -20~80 °C
- UART(TX, RX) interface for GNSS MAX-M10S
- I2C(DA, CL) interface for Compass QMC5883L
- JST-GH-6P connector (SM06B-GHS-TB)
- GNSS PPS LED, Green. (Solid ON after powering on M10-5883,  blinking(1Hz) when GNSS get 3D fix)
- 23mm*23mm*10mm
- 9g


- 1x Matek GPS & Compass M10-5883
- 1x JST-GH-6P to JST-GH-6P 20cm silicon wire