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Matek Mini VTX 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter

The Matek Mini VTX (Video transmitter) is Matek's latest VTX offering.
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The Matek Mini VTX (Video transmitter) is Matek's latest VTX offering. The VTX is a 20mm board (but with 30.5mm extension board) so is compatible with both mini quads and bigger builds. The VTX features 40 channels with A/B/E/F/R band support and variable power output settings. The Matek Mini VTX also supports connectivity to a flight controller for control via the Tramp Protocol and has an onboard microphone.


- 40CH(A/B/E/F/R Band)
- Any Freq/band can be disabled or enabled by CLI command
- Variable Output Power: PIT, 25, 200, 400, 800mW
- Button control and LED indicators
- CMS control(Tramp protocol) via FC Uart _Tx
- Switchable VTX input power via FC PINIO
- Constant full frequency band power
- Clean powerup and frequency switching
- Built-in microphone
- Upgradeable firmware
- Convertible 20 to 30mm mounting
- Input voltage: 6~36V(2~8S LiPo)
- 5V Output: 1A for Camera or FC
- Power Consumption: 3.5W@ 800mW
- Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
- Audio Subcarrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
- RF Connector: MMCX
- Video Format: NTSC/PAL
- Weight: 4.5g (VTX-mini only, w/o antanna)
- Size1: 28*28*4mm w/20mm_Φ3mm mounting
- Size2: 36*36*5mm w/30.5mm_Φ3mm mounting


- Matek 5.8G Video transmitter VTX-mini
- MMCX 5.8G whip antenna, 8cm
- 20mm to 30.5mm conversion plate