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Mobius ActionCam Super Capacitor Battery Replacement

Ideal for situations where the Mobius ActionCam is receiving continuous power (eg. as a powered dashcam)
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This Super Capacitor is used to replace the standard LiPo battery that come in the Mobius ActionCam. This modification is recommended for using the Mobius ActionCam as a driving recorder where continuous power is supplied to the camera during operation. LiPo batteries don’t respond well to this sort of situation and may cause shortened battery life. Also included is a small Phillips screwdriver which is essential for disassembling the Mobius ActionCam.

The Super Capacitor is not a battery, so once installed the camera must be externally powered for use.



- Hy-Cap: 2.7V-5F
- Length: 25mm
- Width: 20mm



- 1x Super Capacitor Battery Replacement
- 1x Small Phillips screwdriver


How to replace the existing battery:

- Remove the two screws on bottom, front of case.
- Slide and lift the cover off.
- The existing battery is stuck to the inside of case with double sided foam tape; unplug the 2 pin connector from the PCB and remove the battery.
- Install the new Super Capacitor by peeling liner from the foam tape and locating it in the same position as the battery you have just removed.
- Plug wires/connector into PCB connector noting that it only plugs in one orientation (Red wire closest to the wall).
- Ensuring the wires do not get pinched, re-assemble cover and screws.

Note: Take care not to touch any other components on the PCB and be careful to not transfer static electricity to the PCB. (It is helpful to touch something metal before opening up the case so that you would dissipate any charge you might have on your body)



Since this product requires you to open your Mobius ActionCam, invalidating its warranty, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused in the process.