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Mode-2 Kilowatt 3" FPV Frame

Introducing the Mode-2 Killowatt 3" FPV Frame.
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Introducing the Mode-2 Killowatt 3" FPV Frame. With the Gizmo gone we needed a new 3″ frame to fill the micro void in our hearts so we continued out to replace it.  With that in mind, we knew it was going to have to be HD video capable.  Not everyone can get the same performance out of FPV HD recording solutions, and many fall short.

The Kilowatt is a shockingly light 30g with an incredibly robust unibody symmetrical X profile.  The cage secures snugly against the body using just two locking tab mechanisms, with two 19mm standoffs sandwiched between for increased lateral rigidity, providing for an uncompromising build.

** This frame is made specifically for all Micro cameras or cameras with 19mm width **


- Weight: 30 g
- Dimensions: 145mm Symmetrical X
- Prop: 3"
- Drill Pattern: Flight Controller: 20x20mm, Motors: 13xx/14xx
- Carbon: 3K Weave, Matte Finish, 2mm Side Cage, 3mm Bottom Plate, 2mm Locking Tabs
- Hardware: Stainless Fasteners (x6) 6 x 6mm, Aluminium Standoffs (x2) 19mm – Orange
- Camera: Micro / 19mm Width