ORQA FPV.CTRL Transmitter

ORQA FPV.CTRL Transmitter, bluetooth for simulator usage.
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The new Orqa FPV.Ctrl Radio Controller! This radio controller was designed and developed by the Orqa team to create an FPV learning experience like no other. Great for beginners and pros alike, this controller helps bridge the gap between simulator flying and the FPV field experience! Get the best of both worlds.

LEARN BY PLAYING Crashing is inevitable in FPV. Crashes are expensive. But here’s the secret: the more you learn, the less you crash. We feel that ...

Once you learn how to fly in a simulator, it's time to have some real fun. Orqa FPV.Ctrl is not just a game controller, it has been designed to be a real, high-quality remote controller, made for flying real drones. When you're ready to take your pilot skills out in the field, all it takes is to purchase/add a radio module and you're ready to fly real FPV!

"My first FPV flight was not fun at all. I’ll be honest, it was terrifying. It took me a few months, and many expensive crashes, to learn to fly well enough and safe enough to enjoy every pack. Learning to fly FPV takes time, and it is not always fun. Crashing is an inevitable part of it, and it is often expensive. We found a way to change that." -Srdjan Kovačević, CEO Orqa FPV

** IMPORTANT WARNING: If using with the GHOST system you MUST update the units firmware before flying to fix a software issue that was discovered recently  **

** Does not include an external radio module, from the box it will work only as a bluetooth or USB simulator joystick **

- Built-in rechargeable batteries (2 x 18650 Li-ion cells wired in series, sealed inside the screwed together case so not easily or quickly replaceable).
- Programmable buttons and switches: Two three-way rockers, one latching push button, and one momentary push button.
- Extendable with dedicated modules via the UberLite bay -> ImmersionRC UberLite-24 Ghost module
- No screen - all configuration is done via Bluetooth using a mobile app.
- Low latency Bluetooth radio links for mobile and desktop connectivity
- Runs on custom Orqa firmware (so no OpenTX or EdgeTX support).
- Low latency Bluetooth radio link for PC and mobile.
- USB-C for connectivity and charging
- Orqa FPV.Skydive access Included
- Removable sticks with M4 threads
- Every button you need. Not More.
- Perfect fit for small or big hands
- Built-in rechargeable battery
- Gamepad style ergonomics
- Robust and solid feel


1x Orqa FPV.Ctrl Radio Controller

1x Orqa FPV.Skydive Access Code