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Radiomaster R168 16CH FrSKY Receiver

The Radiomaster R168 is a 16 channel receiver (8xPWM,16xSBUS) compatible with FrSKY D16 LBT Mode.
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The Radiomaster R168 is a 16 channel receiver. It features 8 PWM outputs or 16 channels over SBUS. It also features a VBAT input pin to pass through battery voltage over telemetry (18V DC max!).The R168 is compatible with FrSKY D16 ACCST V1 LBT Mode. It also features S.Port telemetry compatibility.


- Model: R168
- Weight: 10g
- Size: 40*26*16 mm
- Number of Channels: 16
- Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz
- Power input range: 4.5-6V
- Signal format: Frsky D16 (EU LBT) Compatible
- Output format: PWM, SBUS, S.Port
- Support return: support return RSSI
- Control distance: more than 1km
- Antenna length: 15cm


- Radiomaster R168 Receiver