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Realacc RX5808 Pro FatShark Diversity Module With AchilleΣ Firmware

Realacc RX5808 Diversity module with integrated OLED screen and cover. Comes pre-flashed with AchilleΣ firmware and calibrated by us.
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Notice: Please put the receiver cover on before installing the module in the goggles to avoid breaking the OLED screen.


Realacc RX5808 Diversity module with integrated OLED screen and cover. Comes pre-flashed with AchilleΣ firmware and calibrated by us. (By agreement we donate €5 for every module sold to the developer GC9N to fund continued development). 

- Supports upto 583 Channels!!! (Not 48 or 72 like normal receivers)
- Ultra Search , Starts to search into the predefined band-channels until the desired frequency found. If that happens AchilleΣ auto tunes -3Mhz up to +3Mhz and votes for the channel with the best RSSI.
- Manual search but with the ability to search Mhz by Mhz over the band. With a single click, jumps over predefined frequencies and by holding the up or down button allows fine tuning over each MHZ.
- EVENT mode , Searching down all the 5.8 band and keeps in memory only the running channels, then you can browse them one by one.
- FAST mode , a very handy feature to find very fast a frequency or a band.
- Favorite channels up to 10. You can save predefined band channel or even a custom frequency. Start Up channel selection.
- RSSI Filtering , you can choose for Fast, Normal, Low RX changes.
- Buzzer Alarm for Low level RSSI 10%,20%,30%.
- FoolProof RSSI Calibration
- RSSI Scan Reads. you can change the average scans for RSSI Reads.
- Added Statistics with percentage for antennas switching.Statistics run and counts when module enters in screen saver mode, if you hit any button you will reset them at once.
- Find Model, Add a patch Antenna to bottom RX (A) and point to the place that the drone might lost , the Graphic interface + buzzer will guide you.
- Band Scanner is scanning with predefined channels (48) not the entire 5.8 band. This might be an option if required in the future to toggle for a full scan
- Nice and Easy User Interface.
- Buzzer support.


- Realacc Module RX5808 Pro, pre-flashed with AchilleΣ firmware and pre-calibrated/tested by HobbyRC (SMA Connectors)
- Buzzer

- White dual hole Dominator cover