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SkyRC BD200 Battery Discharger

The BD200 is a battery discharging device that allows discharging a battery at up to 30 amps / 200 watts.
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The BD200 is a battery discharging device that allows discharging a battery at up to 30 amps / 200 watts and also measures and compares the performance of batteries. Using a designated discharger saves stress on your charger and goes much faster than what most typical chargers can discharge at. The BD200 allows for the precise measurement of battery capacity.

The BD200 is much more than a simple battery discharger or a battery load tester. It will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry or number of cells, up to 35 volts. It is small with a high-performance cooling system and uses Mosfets from the well-known brand IXYS, to make sure it can discharge at 200 watts continuously.

A rotary dial on the front simplifies your operation along with a digital LED display to provide clear information. 

There are two built in discharge modes: Constant Power & Constant Current.


- Accepted Voltage Range 5.40-35.00V
- Low Voltage Alert <5.2V
- High Voltage Alert >35V
- Max. Discharge Power 200W
- Discharge Current Range 0.01A-30.00A
- Current Consumption in Sleep Mode <100uA
- Standby Current ≤35mA

Current Display Accuracy
- 0.01-10.00A ±60mA
- 10.00-30.00A ±2%

Voltage Display Accuracy
- 5.4-10V ±60mV
- 10-20V ±120mV
- 20-35V ±160mV
- Capacity Display Accuracy ±3%
- Weight 858g
- Dimension 36.6x104.8x96mm
- Application Suitable for 2-8S LiPo/LiFe/LiHV, 6-30S NiMH/NiCd and 6-32V Pb Battery.


- BD200 Discharger
- 1x XT60 Cable

IMPORTANT: Never discharge batteries unattended! Constant supervision is required as batteries can be dangerous when mishandled. We recommend discharging your batteries inside a protective charging bag.