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Sonic Modell Mini AR Flying Wing (PNP)

The Mini AR Wing from Sonic Modell is a 600mm compact flying wing.
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The Mini AR Wing from Sonic Modell is a 600mm compact flying wing. The Mini AR wing is the smaller brother of the full sized AR Wing but still manages to keep all the awesome features that fans loved about the AR. Wing. The high strength EPP material with built-in carbon fibre support tube and strips makes it rigid and resistant to crashes. The compact size and pre-installed power system will make it easy to carry around and get you in the air in no time. The high quality analog 8g servos will ensure you will have agile and accurate performance. The Mini AR Wing features a huge equipment bay for its size,you can load it with a 3-4S 800-1300mAh battery to get more than 10 minutes flying time. 


- Black EPP material molded wing, pre-built in carbon fibre spar, light and flexible plus crash resistence
- 600mm wingspan
- Built in carbon fibre tube and spar, rigid and crash resistant.
- Compact size, perfect for casual FPV action.
- Bonus camera mount, compatible with all FPV and AIO cameras in the market.
- Extra plastic cover for protecting the main wing leading edge from damage.
- Carefully designed skids for hand grip launch and landing.
- Stable flying performance, 10-70km/h flying speed.
- Huge equipment bay for more FPV gear and bigger battery.
- Plywood for fuselage with pre-cut FC mount.
- Convenient and clear “CG” mark under the main wing.
- "NACA" Air intake and outlet for FPV gear cooling.
- With two color decals, red and black.

Comparison between the Mini AR Wing and the AR Wing (900mm)
- Smaller wingspan, only 600mm vs 900mm
- Fuselage cant be disasembled
- 1806 Motor VS 2205
- Single camera mount vs dual

- Wingspan: 600mm
- Length 212mm
- Motor: 1806 2400KV Brushless
- ESC: 30A with 5V/2A BEC, XT60 connector
- Servo: 9g Analog x2
- Propellor: HQ5045 
- Requires Battery: 3S 1300mAh or 4S 1100mAh (Not included)

** Requires foam safe glue to assemble (not included), something like UHU POR is recommended. **