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TBS Endurance 2206 1450kv Motor

Finding new frontiers! The TBS Miniquad ENDURANCE motor line, made for long range flying with miniquads. Ideal for 4S/7" props or 6S/6" props.
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Re-discover FPV as you've never seen it before. From the Long Range pioneers here at TBS, we've engineered this motor to carry your miniquad for an extended amount of time. Using either 4S/7" props or 6S/6" props, these motors will lift your quads into the sky for about twice to 3x the duration that you're used to flying with miniquads. This enables trips of 3-5km with return at a time, opening up huge exploration opportunities!

These motors are built for the 7" Endurance Upgrade of the TBS Vendetta, and upcoming endurance frames by TBS. Paired with at least 1800mAh 4S, preferrably more (e.g. 2200 - 3300mAh 4S) you can expect flight times of 12-20mins of casual flying. You can also use it with 6" propellers on 6S.

Technical Specifications
- Weight: 28g
- Stator size: 2206
- kV rating: 1450
- Thrust: ~1.1kg with HQ 7x4.5/4S
- Hypetrain components: all of them
- Sexy windings: yes


- 1x Endurance Motor
- 1x Prop Nut
- 4x 3*6.5 screws
- 3x 2mm Bullet connectors(Male)