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TBS Pod Racer 4" Frame

The TBS SOURCE 4" Podracer is an ultralight racing frame with pod.
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The TBS SOURCE PODRACER is a ultralight racing frame, made for speed addicts and grassroots fpv racers. It is designed to maximize speed and minimize drag. It fits and protects all the current toothpick-style FPV components and is optimized for light weight. The SOURCE PODRACER is your perfect race winner, and is recommended for pro racing pilots only. This is the 4" arm version.


- Wheelbase: 160mm
- Stacking Mounting Plate: 1.5mm
- Bottom Plate: 1.5mm
- Arms: 5mm thick
- Stack Mout: 19 x19mm, 26x26mm, 20x20mm
- Motor Mount: 12 x 12mm & 9 x 9mm
- Frame weight: 35g


1 x TBS Pod Racer 4" Carbon Frame Set
1 x Nylon SLS Printed Pod
1 x Screw Set