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TrueRC X-AIR 2.4GHz Crosshair Antenna (RHCP) (CLR)

The TrueRC X-AIR 2.4Ghz is a next generation crosshair antenna in RHCP polarisation.
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The TrueRC X-AIR 2.4 is a next generation crosshair antenna. Wide coverage and high axial ratio make it perfect for far off venture without antenna aiming adjustment. Mount it right on your goggles whether they have top or side SMA connection, the included low-loss semi-flexible extension have them covered.


- Frequency: 2.4GHz
- Gain: 8 dBic
- Axial Ratio: 1 (perfect)
- Beam-width*: 120deg
- Beam-width @-3dB**: 75deg.
- Connector: SMA male
- Dimension: 3.6″x3.6″x2.5″
- Included 5cm low-loss semi-flexible extension.

Package Contents:
- 1x TrueRC X-Air 2.4GHz Crosshair (RHCP)
- 1x 45 Degree connector