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VMX2 5.3" 2019 Race Edition Frame

The VMX2 2019 Race Edition stretched frame with 5mm thick arms and a full TPU canopy. Current version if V1.1.
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The VMX2 2019 Race Edition stretched frame with 5mm thick arms and a full TPU canopy. Since the first concept in 2015, this design is the result of constant improvements. With the collaboration of pilots who compete in FAI Word Cup, our goal is to get an all-around solution.

Future-proof design. TPU canopy and carbon parts are in constant improvement but always retrofit-compatible. Designed with performance, durability and lightweight design in mind. The VMX2 is easy to maintain due to its use of  popular components for compatibility.

** Latest version V1.1 - Countersunk and press nut plates / Arms and bar with improved carbon **


- 5.3" Stretched X, slim 5mm thick chamfered edges arms, with only 76 grams (including canopy)

- Optional Front Slim Bar. Super light bar to give even more durability to the frame structure. It will help to keep your FPV cams safe.
- 20 x 20 (M2) and 30.5 x 30.5 (M3) FC mount holes.
- Top plate designed to hold XT60 with zip-ties.
- Nail It System. A simple but efficient solution with 2 nails to change add-ons on top of the canopy. Accessories available to 3D print in
- Two positions for Micro Cams gives you many options. 1. Top Cam position: View w/o props; 2. Bottom Cam position: View w/ props; 3. Use both at the same time: Micro HD Cam on top (FOXEER Mix, Caddx Turtle, Runcam Split mini, etc) + Micro FPV Cam on the bottom.
- 2 Slots integrated into canopy design to hold a 4 LED bar on each side (See related items)
- FPV Antenna solution for linear antenna or SMA adapter cable for Stubbie antennas. Change between RHCP/LHCP in seconds!
- Holes for RX antenna tubes

VMX2 2019 Race Edition Overview Video

Interactive 3D model


- TPU Canopy with shark fin
- 4x 5mm arms chamfered
- 1x 4mm front bar chamfered
- 1x 2mm top plate chamfered
- 1x 1.5mm bottom plate
- 8x Press Nuts
- 4x M3x10 countersunk screws
- 4x M3x30 countersunk screws
- 4x M3x6 Aluminium 7075 Screws
- 4x M3 Aluminium hex nuts
- 4x M3 Nylon hex nuts
- 6x 1.6x30mm Nails
- 8x TPU spacers
- RX antenna tube
- 1x sticker sponge pad with 5mm
- 2x VMX2 stickers

Not included: GoPro case, LED Bars (See related items) and SMA adapter cable.