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Imax B3 Compact 2-3S LiPo AC Charger

Imax have developed a simple and compact balance charger for 2-3S LiPo batteries. An internal 100-240V AC power switch is built in and the high precision balance circuit can supply larger current up to 850mA.

Imax B6 Compact 2-6S LiPo and NiMH AC Charger

This charger charges 2S to 6S LiPo and 1 to 15 cell NiMH battery packs with just the press of a button. Everything is automatic, so there’s no complicated guesswork.

Imax B6AC Pro LiPo 1-6S LiPo Balance AC Charger

The IMAX RC B6AC PRO is a universal dual input AC/DC battery management system. It charges and discharges all the latest battery technologies: LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd and even your Pb-batteries can be charged with up to 5A! It handles your racing batteries, receiver packs, your radio and many other battery types.

Imax X100 Intelligent Touch Screen LiPo 1-6S AC Charger

The all new X100 Charger is the latest and most innovative battery charger, with its super cool aesthetics and full color TFT touch screen. This has become the "must have" charger for all RC fans. The X100 Charger even provides charging graphs of the battery.

Imax X80 LiPo 2-6S LiPo Balance AC Charger

X80 AC Balance Charger is the traditional balance charger with LCD display and buttons. AC/DC function, 80Watts, 6A charge current.