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5V DC Piezo Buzzer Kit for Naze32

A simple piezo buzzer kit for your Naze32 to indicate low battery, arm warnings and more.

FrSky SBUS to CPPM Decoder

Converts the SBUS signal into CPPM without the need for any soldering. Simply plug into your SBUS receiver port and your control servo and it will decode the SBUS signal to CPPM.

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sonar Module for Naze32

The HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sonar Module allows for low altitude hold functionality with the Naze32 Rev. 6, Seriously Pro Racing 3 and other flight controllers. The module uses the same range finding technology which bats use to determine an object's distance from them.

Self Adhesive Foam Pad for Flight Controller or GPS Mounting

A small self adhesive foam pad ideal for mounting flight controllers and GPS modules. These pads measure 25mm x 25mm x 3mm.

TBS Powercube Aluminium Gold Standoffs

Aluminum-Gold Standoffs that will shave a solid 12g off your installation, while improving the conductivity and bling-factor.

Flight Controller Anti-Vibration Plate for Naze32

This product provides isolation from vibrations which might otherwise affect the accelerometer on your flight controller.
£4.64 £2.04

Naze 32 G10 Top Cover Plate

This is a light weight protective plate for the Naze 32 flight control board and is made from G10

Naze 32 Rev 6 Breakout Cable

Naze 32 Rev 6 Breakout Cable. If your radio receiver doesn't support combined PPM (CPPM) then you will need this cable.