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GPS Modules

GPS Modules are used for real-time telemetry data, waypoint flight and return to home functionality.

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Tarot Plug In GPS Mount / Stalk

This plug-in GPS mount allows you to position your GPS module away from sources of radio interference and also un-plug the stalk to save space when transporting/storing your multirotor.

TBS Core Pro GPS/Compass Module

The TBS Core Pro GPS/Compass Unit will provide GPS capability to the TBS Core Pro, as well as serve as a GPS input for the TBS BlackBox.

Ublox 8 Small 72 Channel GPS and GLONASS Receiver Module For iNAV

Slightly larger than our tiny GPS / GLONASS module, this 72 channel GPS receiver module also features flash memory, a more sensitive antenna and status LEDs. Perfect for a compact multirotor setup with telemetry data, waypoint flight and return to home functionality.

Ublox Small GPS 170mm Breakout Cable (Molex to 6x 1P Jumpers))

A must for the keen multi-rotor hobbyist. Used for many components such as GPS modules and flight controllers.

Ublox 7 Tiny GPS 170mm Breakout Cable (JST SH to 6x 1P Jumpers)

Save yourself the job of soldering, this breakout cable for the Ublox GPS Module allows you the ability to install the module easily and effectively. Just plug in the JST-SH connector and connect the 1P Jumpers to the pins you need.