How to Use The Naze32 ESC/Servo Headers for 5V Power Distribution

Power distribution is always a major concern when it comes to wiring your multirotor. Did you know that you can use the Naze32 itself as a way to distribute 5V power to components in your build? Here's how to do it...

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5V Power Distribution using Naze32 ESC/Servo Headers

5V Power Distribution using Naze32 ESC/Servo Headers

5V Power Distribution using Naze32 ESC/Servo Headers

5V Power Distribution using Naze32 ESC/Servo Headers

1. Remove the PWR / GND wires from the ESC Servo cable connectors leaving only the orange signal wire (fig. A). Use a pointed tool to gently pry open the latch on the plastic connector and carefully remove the crimped wire. It should not need much force. Take care not to damage the plastic latch when doing this as we will be reusing these connectors shortly.

When removing the PWR / GND wires, ensure that they are electrically isolated (not touching) using electrical tape or similar. If these wires touch when in use, the resulting short circuit will destroy the ESC.

2. If using a power distribution board with an adjustable output, use a multimeter to check that the adjustable voltage output
Is set correctly to 5V. If using a 5V/6V UBEC, make sure that the jumper is set to output 5V and check with a multimeter.

3. Observing the correct polarity, connect two dupont wires to the PDB / UBEC (fig. B). Using the same technique mentioned in step 1, remove the plastic dupont connectors from the loose end of the wires (fig. C).

4. Take the crimped wires and insert them into the spare slots in one of the ESC Servo cable connectors (fig. D). Again, be careful not to reverse the polarity of the wires or the Naze32 could be irreversibly damaged.

5. The Naze32 is now receiving 5V power from your PDB / UBEC. You can use any of the other ESC Servo connectors to provide 5V power to other components. This is useful for powering GPS modules, OSDs, Mobius ActionCam, etc. Simply use crimped wires from dupont connectors and insert them into the ESC Servo connectors.

Remember that the Naze32 runs at 3.3V and inputting 5V anywhere else on the board could result in irreversible damage. Be very, very careful not to reverse the polarity (reverse the wires) when connecting them as this could also result in irreversible damage.

This guide is also available in pictorial form here.

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